Bank of Palestine honors the Minister of Health and donates 1.5 million Shekels to the Ministry of Health to assist in combatting the Coronavirus

Bank of Palestine Group honored Her Excellency Dr. May Keileh, the Minister of Health, for the efforts exerted by the Ministry of Health and the medical teams to combat a crisis that could have caused harm to many people. This honorary mention took place on the sidelines of signing a 1.5 million Shekel agreement with the Group through the Wakfet Izz Fund, raising the Group’s donations to 8 million Shekels, of which 5 million were made through the Fund.  

Both ceremonies were held at Bank of Palestine’s headquarters in the city of Ramallah, in the presence of Mr. Hashim Al Shawa, the Chairman of Bank of Palestine Group, Her Excellency Dr. May Keileh, the Minister of Health, His Excellency Mr. Azzam Al Shawa, the Governor of the Palestinian Monetary Authority, Mr. Talal Nasereddine, the Chairman of Wakfet Izz Fund, and Mr. Rushdi Ghalayini, the General Director of Bank of Palestine.

Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus crisis, Bank of Palestine Group announced the mobilization of all its financial and in-kind capabilities, its contacts, teams, media, electronic channels and expertise, to support the efforts of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, Prime Minister, Dr. Mohamed Shtayyeh, and the Palestinian government, with all its constituents, in confronting the Coronavirus and preventing its outbreak in Palestine, as well as providing the necessary resources to support the social safety network.

Mr. Hashim Al Shawa expressed pride towards the existence of a unified ministerial team that was able to realize many achievements and protect the nation from a health hazard and a humanitarian crisis. Al Shawa also expressed his gratitude towards the Ministry of Health team in leading this health battle and demonstrating humane and professional behavior. He pointed out that this crisis highlighted the importance of health prevention and healthcare, and that “health should always come first, and human beings are the greatest wealth of all.”

The donation made by the group is modest, but “it expressed our will to contribute and form partnerships for the sake of our community, in sickness and in health, and spare our people a grave humanitarian crisis,” stated Al Shawa. “I am pleased to honor the Ministry of Health, and all its employees and officials in the different geographical areas, who proved to be accomplished and successful,” stated Al Shawa, and “I hope that we will be able to maintain these health measures until the crisis is over,” he added.  According to Al Shawa, the partnership between Bank of Palestine and the Ministry of Health involved a vast media campaign to spread awareness about the importance of protection from the virus. The campaign was implemented in partnership with the World Health Organization, the UNICEF, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, through the Palestinian International Cooperation Agency, and featured the participation of Palestinian and Arab artists and actors.

Dr. May Keileh expressed pride in the efforts wielded by Bank of Palestine Group as well as its huge contribution and partnership with the government to combat the crisis. According the Keileh, “today’s honorable mention is one worthy of the government and all the medical teams that worked around the clock during this crisis.” “We are confronted with a serious crisis that could have caused a great deal of harm to our people and our nation,” stated Keileh. “Thank God, we are moving in the right direction by monitoring every danger and using all means possible to control the situation,” added Keileh. Keilek also stressed the importance of continuing to follow all the necessary prevention measures, assuring that “the battle is not yet over.”  

His Excellency Mr. Azzam Al Shawa, the Governor of the Palestinian Monetary Authority, commended the wise administration that was demonstrated by the Palestinian government, under the instructions and auspices of the President. He also praised the Ministry of Health and Dr. May Keileh, who has been on top of things since the outbreak of the virus, and the measures that she adopted from the very first day had a positive and effective impact in containing the virus and contributing to the recovery of many infected citizens. Al Shawa thanked the Minister and her team, and all the parties that contributed to this success. He also thanked Bank of Palestine for signing the agreement with the Ministry of Health and for the many initiatives it launched, including its sense of social responsibility towards the nation and its people. Al Shawa praised the Palestinian Banking System, one of the pillars of the Palestinian economy, and its contribution to Wakfet Izz Fund, and for supporting the sectors that were affected by the Coronavirus crisis. The Governor wished health and safety to all Palestinians and people around the world during these difficult circumstances, hoping that God will cast away this dark cloud from all humanity as soon as possible.

Mr. Talal Nasereddine, the Chairman of Wakfet Izz Fund, stressed the importance of the contributions made by the private sector to alleviate the humanitarian crisis that was imposed by the Coronavirus. He stated that the losses were grave and witnessed at every level, and “every contribution, no matter how small, will have a great impact on needy families that are going through hard time due to the many members who lost their livelihoods.” “I appreciate the efforts wielded by Bank of Palestine Group and its contribution to the Wakfet Izz Fund, which amounted to 5 million Shekels, not to mention the Group’s praiseworthy approach in dealing with its employees during this crisis, setting an example for the various private sector organizations,” stated Nasereddine. “I also wish to applaud the Group’s contributions that were implemented through civil society organizations, which either managed to reach as many disadvantaged people as possible or covered the needs of the most affected sectors,” he added.   

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