Bank of Palestine and Paltel Signs an Exclusive Strategic Agreement

Ramallah – Palestine Telecommunications Company “Paltel” and Bank of Palestine signed an agreement to connect the Bank’s branches and ATMs spread in the West Bank and Gaza Strip with the Bank’s General Management Head Office through primary and back-up networks using fiber-optic technology. In addition to providing fiber-optic network to enable the Bank to provide centralized wireless internet access in of the Bank’s branches for the first time in Palestine.

The agreement was signed on Wednesday 13/4/2016 at Paltel Business Center in Ramallah, in the presence of Mr. Hashim Shawa, Chairman and General Manager of the Bank of Palestine, Mr. Ammar Aker, Chief Executive Officer of Paltel Group, Mr. Maen Melhem, General Manager of “Paltel” and a group of managers from both the Bank and Paltel Group.

Mr. Aker welcomed the agreement, which enhances the permanent and strategic partnership with the Bank and is a starting point to provide more advanced technological services to the Palestinian people.

Mr. Aker confirmed that for the past years, “Paltel” gained the trust of all local institutions within the private and public sectors, as  a result of its distinctive network’s stability and security, in addition to providing the most recent and advanced technology, in accordance with the highest quality standards.

Mr. Hashim Shawa stated that the agreement enhances the Bank’s strategy that aims to offer the most advanced technology services to its customers. Shawa added that “the Bank’s wide expansion in all areas and the increasing demand to the services provided through the internet are important factors that enhanced our efforts to sign this agreement, in addition to our keenness for the Bank to be the first Bank in Palestine with centralized wireless internet to guarantee privacy, security and protection”.

Mr. Maen Melhem explained that “Paltel” invested millions of dollars in its network through the past years to offer the best technique’s and most recent technology, in order to meet the renewed aspirations of the Palestinian business sector, which enabled “Paltel” to provide various services specific to the business sector with quality and speed.

Melhem added “we are proud of our network, which has more than 300 thousand kilometers of copper lines and more than 300 kilometers of fiber-optics, in addition to the presence of a unique control center for a specialized team to monitor the network in all areas of Palestine at all times”.

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