The Palestinian Le Trio Joubran receives the International Music Award “Ziryab” 2016

Le Trio Joubran, the international Palestinian band and Bank of Palestine’s cultural partner,   received the “Ziryab”” Arabic Music Award for year 2016 in recognition to the band’s efforts in reviving the Arabic and Palestinian music. The award was announced during the Eighteenth Lute International Festival in Tetouan, Morocco.

The “Ziryab” Award is one of the most prominent Music Awards; the awards is provided to Arab and International musicians who made significant achievements for the Arabic music. This award was named “Ziryab” after the late Tunisian musician “Ziryab”, one of the most symbolic figures in the music history within the Mediterranean region. It is said that “Ziryab” used to memorize more than ten thousand songs with their melodies and mastered talking about music in an interesting and beneficial manner. He was a brilliant composer, skillful musician, and a remarkable music teacher. The story goes that he takes credit for the establishment of a Music and Singing School in Cordoba. In tribute to this genius composer and in memory of his residency in Tunis during the Aghlabids time, an award was created after his name, intended to culminate his journey that he dedicated to preserve the music culture and search for Mediterranean music.

A statement issued by the Moroccan Ministry of Culture announced granting the “Ziryab” Music Award 2016 to the Le Trio Joubran, throughout the eighteenth “Ziryab” Festival. The Festival embraced various activities including art exhibitions, training workshops on playing the lute, in addition to open sessions with the participating artists. The Ministry explained that the Festival “celebrates the cultural diversity and acceptance of others, to inspire tolerance and encourage beautiful musical expressions”. The statement added that the Ministry of Culture of Morocco and UNESCO’s National Music Council proudly selected Le Trio Joubran to culminate their distinctive journey and experience.

Samira Qadri, Director of the Festival, indicated that the Le Trio Joubran’s concert was magical and attracted the attention of the attendees and listeners within a harmonious integration between the band and the audience. A standing ovation and applause filled the hall by more than 1000 people within the audience.

Qadri added that Le Trio Joubran represents a unique artistic experience due to their unparalleled inherent depth and human dimension. They deserve all the awards and recognitions, as they are ambassadors to the Palestinian Arab cause. Their hard work and strong presence in international theaters presented the authentic Arabic culture to the world. Through the cords of their lutes, they showed the role of music in lifting the siege off the free Palestine. This award indicated the Moroccan’s recognition to Le Trio Joubran’s distinctive journey. The Festival Management added that this award was previously awarded to international artists, such as Naseer Shamma, Marcel Khalife, Juan Krmonh, and other figures who built the history of the international Arabic music.

Qadri described Le Trio Joubran as a crown, covered by valuable jewels made by the hands of Samirs, Adnan and Wisam, who gifted this crown to every noble Arab. They use their lutes as weapons to represent a cause and a nation. Through their innovation and music, they broke all clichés about the Arab image and the music that transcends borders. They made the lute a master to other instruments, creating a special atmosphere wherever they go, and for that, they deserve all the recognition and awards.

Samir Joubran, the eldest sibling and the President of Le Trio Joubran, expressed his contentment for this award and dedicated it to Palestine’s martyrs and prisoners, as the provision of this award coincides with the Nakba commemoration. He considers this award as a new achievement for the band within their successful international journey and their contribution in spreading Palestinian music and culture around the world.

Joubran added that he is proud to receive the Arabic “Ziryab” award. He indicated that it is a great testimony to the art provided by the band and a title to its musical impact. He recalled the role of the late Palestinian poet, Mahmoud Darwish, in the success of the band, by participating in hundreds of cultural and art evenings held in Palestine and around the world. Darwish was the differentiating icon for Le Trio Joubran.

Joubran thanked the management of this Award and all the fans and admirers of the band, who filled the concerts halls and streets in Morocco. He also thanked the staff working with his band who contributed to their success and development over the years. He particularly thanked the Palestinian people and leadership, who continuously supported them, indicating that the band is inspired by the love of their fans. Joubran concluded by expressing his appreciations to Bank of Palestine; he explained that this “prestigious economic institution supported the band for more than three years, and has been an essential partner by enhancing the band’s innovative spirit”. He particularly thanked Mr. Hashim Shawa, Chairman and General Manager of Bank of Palestine, who commended the band and their innovation and development.

Le Trio Joubran received a group of local and international awards and distinctions, including The Excellence Award by President Mahmoud Abbas, Arab Innovation Award by the Arab Thought Foundation, two consecutive Arab Muhr Awards by the Dubai International Film Festival for the best soundtracks, Palestine International Excellence and Innovation Award, and other awards. 

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