More Than 100 winners within “Together you Save, Together you Win” Campaign from Bank of Palestine with a total value of prizes of $500 Thousand Thus Far

The number of winners within the savings campaign launched by Bank of Palestine in the past April for saving accounts under the title “Together You Save, Together you Win” reached more than100 winners, with a total value of prizes  of more than $500 thousand so for. Over the course of 60 days, the draws took place on daily basis, in front of customers at various branches in the West Bank and Gaza. The winners are Bank of Palestine’s customers with savings accounts, within the Bank’s 61 branches in both the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Mr. Thaer Hamayel, Marketing and Public Relations Director at Bank of Palestine, emphasized that the concept of the campaign launched by Bank of Palestine is unique. He explained that the he campaign is based on the formation of groups with a maximum of five savings accounts for five people within each group. A draw for the accounts of the subscribers to the new campaign takes place on daily basis, with prizes up to $30,000. The campaign aims to enhance the savings culture within the Palestinian society, and increase the chances of all savers at Bank of Palestine to win daily prizes. Hamayel confirmed that the Bank proceeds in providing the best and most advanced and sophisticated programs that meets the expectations of the customers who wish to save at the Bank. The campaign ends on September 20, 2016.

Hamayel added that the new campaign aims to encourage the customers and citizens to open savings accounts. Each customer with a savings account can establish a group of new accounts from family members, friends, neighbors or colleagues, with up to 5 people within one group, to give them a chance to win daily prizes together, with a value up to $30,000 on daily basis; i.e., a prize of $5,000 for each group member. If the founder of the group “Group President’ wins, then the entire group will win, which means each member will receive the $5,000 prize, which amounts the total value of the daily prizes to $25,000. The value of the daily prizes can reach the amount of $30,000 if one of the group members establishes another group, and when the other group wins, all its members will win, in addition to the founder of the first group. He indicated that in order for the group members to benefit from the prizes, they need to have at least $200 (or equivalent in other currencies) at their savings accounts in the Bank.

It is possible to open savings accounts to groups of family members, friends and colleagues of all ages, who wish to save any amount, in which each $200 has a chance to enter the draw; the larger the savings amount is, the more chances to win. Noting that any previous customer with a savings account and do not wish to establish a new group will still enter the daily draw with a chance to win the daily prize of $5,000.

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