Bank of Palestine organizes a series of Ramadan Iftars in honor of orphaned children in the West Bank and Gaza

Bank of Palestine organized a series of Ramadan Iftars in honor of hundreds of orphaned children in several governorates in the West Bank and Gaza. Three Ramadan Iftars were organized with the participation of employees and orphans in the cities of Gaza Strip, which took place in the northern, central and southern areas of Gaza. Three other Iftars were held in the West Bank cities, over three areas of northern, central and southern West Bank.

These Iftars were organized in cooperation and partnership with several charitable organizations, associations, and orphanages, with participation of the local community organizations, dignitaries, and public figures of each area, and in the presence of several officials and employees from Bank of Palestine.

These Iftars are organized for the fifth consecutive year due to the Bank’s vision to support orphaned children and to draw a smile on their faces, and due to the Bank’s social responsibility towards the Palestinian society, which culminates and confirms the Bank’s commitment towards all Palestinians in general, and the orphan segment in particular. The Iftars included distinctive art, cultural and entertainment events.

The children expressed their happiness and contentment about the Bank organizing these events, which provided them with a warm and family atmosphere along with Bank of Palestine’s employees.

Bank of Palestine provided its support to several projects for orphans’ care, including “My Future” (Mustaqbali) project that provided healthcare to orphaned children between 2008 and 2011. In addition to supporting “Wajd” project that provided care to the orphans due to the aggression in 2014, in cooperation with Hajj Hashim Atta Shawa Fund, in the value of USD5 million through the Welfare Association, in addition to other projects that support orphans, and other events and vital projects for orphaned children.

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