Bank of Palestine hosts a youth delegation from diaspora within “Know Your Heritage” project, sponsored by the Bank for the fifth consecutive year

Bank of Palestine hosted a youth delegation from diaspora within “Know Your Heritage” project, sponsored by the Bank and a group of Palestinian companies for the fifth consecutive year, at the General Management Head Office in Ramallah and Al-Bireh governorate. The delegation visited the Bank’s Office within a tour to learn about the Palestinian institutions and companies, which are a component of the national economy. Mr. Thaer Hamayel, Marketing and Public Relations Director, Mr. Kamel Husseini, International and Investor Relations Director, and a group of the Bank’s employees received the delegation.

This visit took place on the sidelines of the Fifth Annual Conference for Palestinians in Diaspora, which was held at the Grand Park Hotel, under the sponsorship of the Bank and several companies from the private sector. A group of Palestinians and youth from diaspora in various countries, most prominently, the United States, Chile, Australia, France, countries of Latin America and some Arab countries, participated in the conference. The conference also witnessed the participation of speakers and leaders within the Palestinian society, in which the methods of communication between Palestinians inside the country and abroad were discussed, in addition to the enhancement of the role of Palestinians abroad in the processes of building and development within various fields in Palestine.

Throughout its sponsorship and hosting to the group of youth from diaspora, Bank of Palestine aims to expand the communication with Palestinians in diaspora and revive the social, economic and cultural ties with them. In addition to finding a framework for communication and cultural, social, and historical exchange with these youth, to introduce them to the roots of their motherland and engage them to contribute in the development process through their expertise and physical and intellectual capabilities and experience.

“Know Your Heritage” project aims to encourage Palestinian youth in diaspora to return to Palestine and to learn about their heritage, customs and traditions, and invite them to live in the midst of a robust Palestinian State. In addition to promoting their sense of belonging to their land, hoping for them to return one day and share the real image during their visits to the countries they reside in.

During the meeting with the youth delegation, the Bank’s employees provided a presentation about the Bank since its establishment in 1960, and explained the surrounding conditions and challenges that accompanied its development over the years. The Bank marks a great success story under difficult political and economic conditions, and was able to expand in all governorates, villages, and refugee camps in the country, with 61 branches and sub-branches and more than 120 ATMS. In addition to the Bank’s investments in local and regional banks. The presentation also included a description about the Diaspora Unit under the Marketing and Public Relations Department, which was established in order to communicate with Palestinian in diaspora and support them to come back to the country, buy houses, invest in stocks, and develop projects in the country.

The Palestinian youth expressed their admiration for the Bank’s significant achievements over more than fifty years; their questions and inquiries related to the Bank’s development and future prospects, and the challenges currently facing the national economy were answered. 

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