Bank of Palestine Concludes its Participation in “Sibos 2016” Conference and Exhibition in Geneva, Switzerland

Bank of Palestine concluded its participation in the events of "Sibos 2016" exhibition and conference, which was held in Geneva, Switzerland, in September 2016, with the participation of more than 8000 leading banking, financial, and interested institutions from various countries around the world. The event took place at the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT); Sibo’s events take place on annual basis as a leading conference in the international financial sector and is considered the most prominent to the international banks and financial institutions.

The Bank aims through its participation to benefit from the international experience of financial and banking institutions, in addition to networking and connecting with the top banks in the region, as well as strengthening the relationships with its corresponding banks. The Bank also aims to establish new effective horizons, and learn about the latest developments in the banking products and services and information technology systems in the banking sector.

The Bank's participation in Sibos's exhibition was very successful through an exclusive large suite that received the admiration of the participants, visitors, and organizers. Alongside the events of the conference and the exhibition, the Bank organized a dinner party for its partners in the banking sector around the world and representatives of global economic sector, UN institutions, and Palestinian businesspersons residing in Switzerland, with the participation of the international Palestinian band, Le Trio Joubran. Wissam Joubran, one of the siblings in the band, participated in a presentation about making lutes, while the Bank’s mission in the exhibition focused on financial inclusion and sustainability.

In addition to Mr. Azzam Shawa, Governor of Palestine Monetary Authority, a large delegation representing the Bank participated in the conference. The delegation included members of the Board of Directors led by Mr. Hashim Shawa, the Bank's Chairman and General Manager, and his deputies and assistants, and a group of department and section heads, in addition to elite financial experts and prestigious financial institutions aiming to plan a financial future around the world. In addition to a group of experts and decisions makers and leaders from the most prominent financial institutions, financial market entities, regulatory authorities, international companies, and technology partners.

This is the thirty eighth conference; it is a prominent event and one of the largest conferences held on annual basis around the world. The event gathers the experts in financials, economics and banks, in which they discuss the future and challenges of the financial sector, financial immunity, and information technology compliance within the banking sector, and put a future vision in a collective and collaborative manner for the benefit of this sector.

“Sibos” is organized by Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT), and aims to hold business deals and develop future plans for the financial sector. In 2017, The Sibos conference will be hosted in Toronto, Canada.

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