Business Women Forum and Bank of Palestine Launch the Training Program for “Ana Reyadiya 2016” Contest

Ramallah – Business Women Forum, in partnership with Bank of Palestine launched the training program for “Ana Reyadiya 2016” Contest in Ramallah. The program aims to promote the competitive spirit between women entrepreneurs and help them fulfill their ambitions, as well as to encourage them to start or develop their own businesses.

The program includes intensive trainings in the development of business plans for the women’s projects, and the provision of guidance through specialist business development advisors. The program targeted 200 women from all governorates of the country, out of 1200 applicants. The training will take place in Gaza, Ramallah, Nablus, and Bethlehem. At the end of the training, each participant shall be able to prepare a precise business plan for her business, and shall compete for a range of valuable awards that will help them to establish or advance their businesses. This is one of several programs implemented by the Forum since 2011, through the Business Development Center, the Forum’s technical arm, which provides all types of assistance in order to advance the businesses owned by women in Palestine. This program is an integral part of “Felestineya” program, and is a part of the non-financial advisory services provided by the Bank, due to its belief in empowering Palestinian women.

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