The Palestinian Model United Nations (PalMUN), through a strategic partnership with Bank of Palestine, launched its Sixth Annual Conference at the Friends School in Ramallah, to discuss global issues

Through the main sponsorship of Bank of Palestine, the Strategic Partner of PalMUN, more than 600 students from 15 high schools in the West Bank, participated in the launch of the Sixth Annual PalMUN conference, which was held at the Grand Park Hotel in Ramallah.

The activities of the conference were held over a period of three days in which typical models of United Nations conferences were presented, providing students the opportunity to practice democracy, to learn about running debates and finding solutions for global and Palestinian issues. The conference hosted Dr. Muhammed Ishtayeh, member of the Fateh Central Committee, as main speaker.

The conference, which features the simulation of international sessions of the United Nations, is considered as one of the events that aim to develop the constructive ideas of various standpoints, reconcile opinions, and form a future youth leadership. It also aims to gather and unite Palestinian students, whose ages vary between 13 and 17 years (between 8th and 12th grade) to present and discuss a number of important global issues, and by the end of the conference, furnish constructive resolutions and recommendations. 

The discussion sessions and debates were held at the Friends School for Boys, whereby Dr. Muhammed Ishtayeh delivered the opening speech in front of students and guests on Friday, 20 January, at the Grand Park Hotel.

The sponsorship of Bank of Palestine for such an event stems from its vision to achieve awareness among Palestinian youth, and from its belief in such extracurricular and practical activities that promote ideas and develop an awareness about the ways of thinking that countries adopt when it comes to global issues. The event was also supported by PalTel Group and the Grand Park Hotel.

The journey of the Friends School with the MUN began in 2006 through an initiative launched by the Student Council at that time. Our students continued in this path until they were able to establish the first Palestinian Model United Nations conference six years ago, paving the way for all Palestinian schools to participate in such an activity that gives hope to the youth generation, contributes to developing and empowering the abilities of students to manage crises and confront future challenges, and contribute to society on a local and international level.

It is noteworthy that representatives and delegates from PalMUN participated in several international conferences that were held in the United States, the Netherlands, Greece, Jordan, Egypt, Qatar, India, the United Arab Emirates and other countries.

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