Bank of Palestine provides its sponsorship for a delegation of medical volunteers from abroad to implement various surgeries in Palestinian hospitals

Last month, Bank of Palestine sponsored a delegation of medical volunteers from abroad to assist in the implementation of surgeries in various medical fields. The sponsorship was in partnership with the Ramallah Federation – USA.

The delegation participated in several events and activities, including the Emergency Medicine Assembly that was held in the Red Crescent Society in Ramallah, in the presence of several Palestinian doctors who expressed their enthusiasm about the event, mainly for benefiting from the experiences of the delegation, and the exchange of expertise and information, activating relations, and building bridges of communication with foreigners. The delegation also conducted field visits to many medical centers across the West Bank. This visit will provide Palestinian doctors educational tools about the latest developments in modern medicine, as well as the application of telemedicine in several Palestinian areas.


At the end of the visit, Bank of Palestine participated in the reception that was held in honor of the delegation and expressed its gratitude and appreciation for the efforts conducted by the delegation during their visit, which contributes to the development of the health sector. In its turn, the delegation expressed its enthusiasm about their visit to Palestine and promised to bring more similar delegations to Palestine to provide care, aid and medical expertise to the medical team in Palestinian health institutions.


It is important to mention that this sponsorship is part of Bank of Palestine’s dedication to corporate social responsibility, which accounts for 6% of its annual net profits that go to developmental projects in several areas including, health, education, youth, creativity, culture and arts, sports, human endeavors, economic development, diaspora relations and women empowerment.

The visit of the medical delegation to Palestine is supported by Bank of Palestine, the Ramallah Federation in the United States, the Ramallah Federation in Palestine, the Ramallah Foundation, Mercy Corps International and the AFRHSN medical mission.  

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