Bank of Palestine organizes several awareness workshops for small and medium sized startups in partnership with the Netherlands Senior Experts organization (PUM)

Bank of Palestine organized several workshops that targeted small and medium sized startups in various Palestinian governorates, in partnership with the Netherland Senior Experts organization (PUM). The workshops were held for the purpose of introducing the services provided by PUM in the cities of Hebron, Bethlehem, Nablus, Jenin and Ramallah, and they were conducted via videoconferencing with representatives from several small and medium sized organizations who were gathered at the main headquarters of Bank of Palestine in Gaza City. 

Mr. Amjad Qasas, the Representative of PUM in Palestine, introduced these workshops that incorporated methods and tools for solving various problems confronted by small and medium sized enterprise in the production and service fields, and their need for technical services in many areas including the development of productivity, ineffective work logistics, motivation of staff activity, working within a highly competitive environment, weak profits, and aligning production with export requirements. There was also a discussion about various productive projects, methods to activate production sources, product promotion and the ideal use of company assets.

These workshops were organized as a continuity for the great efforts conducted by Bank of Palestine on the levels of cooperation and networking with various local and international organizations for the purpose of empowering owners of small and medium sized startups. The bank took huge steps to enable these owners to manage different projects and launched several funding programs and credit facilitations that respond to their financial and banking needs to assist them in starting up their projects.  

It is important to mention that PUM has a network of 265 representatives located in 70 countries around the world, connecting directly with entrepreneurs, business support organizations and local partners. PUM works with around 3,200 senior experts who share their knowledge on a one-on-one basis either through short term or repetitive advisory missions. 

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