Bank of Palestine’s new branch in Dahyet Al Bareed commences its activities to serve Palestinians in the holy city of Jerusalem

Mr. Hashim Al Shawa, the Chairman of Bank of Palestine Financial Group, announced the commencement of the bank’s activities at the new branch, number 72, located in Dahyet Al Bareed in the city of Jerusalem. Al Shawa stated that this branch is considered one of the very first for Palestinian banks in the area to provide banking services for the residents of the Jerusalem district, respond to the financial needs of various economic and social sectors and achieve financial inclusion.


Upon his meeting with several officials in the bank’s executive management, Al Shawa stated that the new branch will provide banking services that will promote the economy of Jerusalem and neighborhood areas, contribute to economic growth and assist merchants, industrialists, professionals and owners of small, medium sized and micro sized projects from all economic sectors to expand and develop their activities.


Al Shawa indicted that Bank of Palestine recorded several achievements this year, but the opening of the Jerusalem branch was the highlight of them all since as it crowns its achievements during the year 2017, which also witnessed several developments, mainly the opening of the bank’s second representative office in the Chilean capital, Santiago. Al Shawa stressed the bank’s strategy that focuses on supporting the economy in all the Palestinian governorates through the provision of exceptional financial services and facilitations to all social and economic sectors, especially small and medium size enterprise, to improve and develop their activities.


According to Al Shawa, the new branch in Dahyet Al Bareed will provide banking services that comply with the special circumstances under which Jerusalemites live. The operations of the new branch, he added, comply with the instructions of the Palestine Monetary Authority and all the laws and procedures applicable in the Palestinian banking sector. The new branch will represent the fruit of the bank’s vision to promote efficiency and productivity and its flexibility and ability to work under various circumstances. 

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