The program was designed to reward you on your loyalty to Bank of Palestine, and encourage you to benefit from the various banking services, by granting you points every time you use our free of charge electronic banking services, and when you make local, international and online purchases on your bankcards. The points collected from various transactions may be exchanged with different products from specific stores that signed an agreement with the bank to facilitate the exchange process.

Program Features

  • Automatic participation in Pointcom without the need to register or head to the Bank.
  • The collection of points begins immediately after using any of the electronic services or making purchases on your bankcards.
  • Points may be exchanged with products available in a variety of stores in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, who signed an agreement with the Bank exclusively for Pointcom.
  • The more you use the electronic services and make purchases on your bankcards, the more points you gain, taking into consideration that all our electronic services are free of charge.
  • No commissions and benefits are incurred when using the program.
  • You can transfer points to other customers up to 100 points per day, 700 points per week and 3000 points per month.

To participate in the program, download the mobile application subscribe in the internet banking service
and get 1,000 free points.

Participation Terms and Conditions:

The balance of your points may be identified through the following:

How to calculate your points:

When using the internet banking service or the Banki mobile application and internet banking service:

  • Checkbook request (for each checkbook) 25points
  • Transfer between accounts 25points
  • Transfer to other accounts 25points
  • Pay to a Friend 25points
  • Pay Bills 25points
  • Logging into your account (once a month) 25points
  • Settling credit cards 25points

When using your bankcards while making purchases:

  • Visa Signature Card, every dollar purchases =4 Points with a minimum 50 Point for every move
  • Credit Card 50 points
  • Cash Card 25points
  • Debit Card 25points
  • Easy Life Card 25points

There are a wide range of stores in different cities in the West Bank and Gaza Strip where you can exchange points for goods and products