The term ‘bank cheque’ describes a cheque that is issued by the bank itself at the request of the customer and payable to a beneficiary only out of the customer’s account. This kind of cheques has the security of the bank and is payable by the bank to the first beneficiary only or it is returned to the account of the customer who issued the cheque.

Features of Bank Cheques

  • Safe 
  • Possibility to issue cheques in four different currencies: ILS , EURO, JD US Dollar
  • No maximum amount for the value of the cheque
  • Commission of cheques less than that of bank guarantees
  • Smooth and easy to deal with for small entrepreneurs and individuals

Requirements for Obtaining Bank Cheques

  • Current account.
  • Customers over 18
  • Customers must have a monthly salary
  • Firms and merchants
  • Available amount par the value of the check with commission