Bank of Palestine signed a memorandum of understanding to renew its sponsorship and support for the Gaza Sports Club. The signing ceremony was held at the Bank of Palestine headquarters in the Gaza Strip in the presence of Mr. Farouq Al Efranji, Gaza Sports Club Chairman, Mr. Said Khayal Amin, Gaza Sports Club Treasurer, Mr. Mamun Sacallah and Ibrahim Al Ashi, Members from the Board of Directors, Mr. Alaa Al Redwan, Deputy General Manager - Bank of Palestine, Mr. Wael Sorani, Chief Business Officer – Bank of Palestine, Mr. Khaldoun Abu Salim, Deputy Director of Public Relations and Marketing - Bank of Palestine.

This is the tenth consecutive year that the bank provides its sponsorship and support for the Gaza Sports Club. The aim behind this endeavor is to contribute to the club’s various sport activities and promote Palestinian sports in the Gaza Strip. The Gaza Sports Club is the oldest club in the Strip and is ranked with excellence. The club, which supervises several sports teams, received many titles for the various local sports championships it participated in during the past years.

Bank of Palestine’s continuous sponsorship for the Gaza Sports Club stems from its corporate social responsibility and its vision to contribute to promoting sports in Palestine, especially active sports clubs, with an aim to achieve comprehensive social and sports development.